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Climate Change Urgent Issue - 2066 Words

Climate Change: Urgent Issue Chris McBee Mr. Mirosavich English 2 Honors, Period 0 26 April 2015 All over the world mankind commonly references mother Earth as important and fragile and even locally there are second graders at Cornerstone elementary singing Native American songs describing how â€Å"the Earth is our mother, we must take care of her.† The rising issue of global warming, scientifically known as climate change, is slowly becoming a worldwide epidemic that only 53% of Americans are even worried about, according to a 2014 survey by the IPCC. The definition of climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. The first studies of climate change and human carbon dioxide emissions started in 1896 by a man named Arrhenius. The interest was renewed during the cold war era when several satellites were launched and more data taking resources were available. 1970 was host to the first Earth day and since then global warming has gained more and more awareness and understanding. The cause of the average global temperature is due to the greenhouse effect, in which the suns heat and energy heats the Earth’s surface then gets absorbed by greenhouse gasses and re-emitted in all directions warming the surface and the atmosphere. With more than 1300 scientists on the IPCC teamShow MoreRelatedThe Sustainable Development Goal ( Sdg )1056 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts,† and presents five targets for ensuring global sustainability and resilience in wake of the warming climatic system. For the sake of efficient analysis the measurability of the first three targets 13.1-13.3 regarding global adaptation will be grouped, while 13.a+b concerning developing countries will be addressed separately. The effectiveness of said targets in regards to the management of, and adaptation to, global cli mate change willRead MoreClimate Changes And Climate Change Essay1656 Words   |  7 Pages Climate change is defined by the Intergovernmental panel on climate change ( IPCC) as a variation in the mean state of climate persisting for an extended period of time typically decades or longer while the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) defines climate change as a change in the climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activities that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article How Mankind Blew The Fight Against Climate Change ``1522 Words   |  7 PagesTemperature rising isn’t just abnormal; it’s a serious matter that has caught the attention of many scientists. Scientists has issued that climate change is happening and with all the burning of fossil fuel we’ll be looking at devastating consequences. In the editorial â€Å"How Mankind Blew the Fight against Climate Change,† published in the Washington Post (June 5, 2014), American environmentalist Bill McKibben discusses the major consequences of oil industries, arguing that limitations can happen ifRead MoreThe Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment953 Words   |  4 Pagesrates, it is with urgency that the issue needs to be faced in order to protect the well-being of both the environment as well as humans. Deforestation alters normal weather patterns by causing warmer and colder temperatures. These impact the environment as they affect the growth of crops that rely on constant temperatures for growth. It also increases the frequency of flooding as rainfall levels are affected by deforestation. (Chakravarty et al., 2012) Climate Change Not only is air pollution a resultRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On Our Economy1090 Words   |  5 Pageswarming is â€Å"The increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases† (NASA). This issue is not a myth anymore, is affecting our economy, health and our future aggressively. The need to reduce pollutant emissions is now something urgent and an important commitment for all the nations. Natural disasters, virus and diseases are consequences of changes of temperature, the emissions of carbon gases weaken the ozone layer, water and food pollution. According to the WorldRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects On The Environment Essay1585 Words   |  7 Pagesacidification caused by carbon dioxide and water temperature are threatening 75 percent of the world’s coral reefs since the changes of water’s features make they unable to absorb calcium carbonate which makes up their shells. Moreover, climate change not only challenges scientists and climatologists, but also puts a big pressure on economists, sociologists and politics. The changes in climate can shift crop patterns. Additionally, extreme and fluctuated weathers such as droughts, floods, and heavy downpoursRead MoreOver Time, Texas Has Experienced Periods Of Dominance By1242 Words   |  5 Pagessocial climate and changing demographics, are all factors that may influence which party will experience the greatest power in the future. In order to determine the role that population, demographics, and social climate will have on party dominance, we must explore both parties, as well as the changes that are occurring in Texas. This paper will discuss the major priorities of the Republican and Democratic Parties and the changes that are occurring in relation to demographics and social climate. FinallyRead MoreA Brief Note On Livestock s Long Shadow : Environmental Issues And Options By The Livestock, Environ ment And Development Initiative865 Words   |  4 Pagesthe livestock system which, apart from fossil fuel, is also a huge threat to drastic climate change; and, subsequently decipher if suggestive recommendations and reforms for policy and its implementation should be incorporated in the outcome of the UNFCCC as soon as possible. Several extensive reports have been chosen by the writer to contemplate the issue at hand i.e. Livestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options by the Livestock, Environment and Development Initiative (hereinafter LEAD)Read MoreA Brief Note On Livestock s Long Shadow : Environmental Issues And Options By The Livestock, Environment And Development Initiative867 Words   |  4 Pagesthe livestock system which, apart from fossil fuel, is also a huge threat to drastic climate change; and, subsequently decipher if suggestive recommendations and reforms for policy and its implementation should be incorporated in the outcome of the UNFCCC as soon as possible. Several extensive reports have been chosen by the writer to contemplate the issue at hand i.e. Livestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options by the Livestock, Environment and Development Initiative (hereinafter LEAD)Read MoreMicro Economics : Energy Industry1327 Words   |  6 PagesProfessor’s Name College Course Date MICRO ECONOMICS: ENERGY INDUSTRY Introduction The topic chosen for this discussion is the micro economic especially Australian Energy Industry. It is acknowledged that this industry needs urgent policy reformation in regards to climate and energy. To achieve the reformation, four areas have been earmarked: supply reliability, price control and adequate demand and fixing COAG Energy Council (Pears 2017). Article Discussion Industry Discussion The main focus

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Derechos migratorios de padres de ciudadano de EE.UU.

En la actualidad, ser padre o madre de un ciudadano americano menor de 21 aà ±os no da lugar a ningà ºn derecho desde el punto de vista de las leyes migratorias de Estados Unidos. La respuesta es muy clara y no admite lugar a interpretaciones. No hay derecho a quedarse en Estados Unidos por esta razà ³n ni tampoco a sacar  una visa por el mero hecho de ser el papà ¡ o la mamà ¡ de un nià ±o o nià ±a que es estadounidense. Es otras palabras, no es suficiente tener un bebà © en Estados Unidos Unidos  para emigrar legalmente. Ademà ¡s, dependiendo de los casos puede ser un problema para los padres que desean renovar sus visas de turista. En este artà ­culo se informa sobre los distintos supuestos que pueden darse cuando unas personas extranjeras tiene un hijo que tiene ciudadanà ­a estadounidense. Quà © pasa si estando en Estados Unidos se tiene un hijo Si una mujer extranjera da a luz en Estados Unidos, su hijo es ciudadano de Estados Unidos salvo en el caso de que sea hijo de padre o madre diplomà ¡tico que està ¡ en el paà ­s en esa funcià ³n. La ciudadanà ­a estadounidense por nacimiento en el paà ­s, que tambià ©n se conoce como ius solii, se produce con independencia del estatus legal de los padres, en otras palabras, no importa si son indocumentados. En estos casos el bebà © tambià ©n adquiere la ciudadanà ­a.  Ni siquiera sirve para proteger frente a una posible deportacià ³n.   Pero lo que no pasarà ¡ es que los padres puedan cambiar su estatus migratorio por razà ³n del nacimiento. Si son indocumentados, seguirà ¡n siendo indocumentados. Ademà ¡s, para evitar perder la custodia de los nià ±os en caso de detencià ³n por estar indocumentado, es altamente recomendable explorar la posibilidad de hacer un  poder de representacià ³n  (power of attorney)  en previsià ³n de que se pueda dar esa circunstancia. Por otro lado, los padres del bebà © nacido en EE.UU. està ¡n en el paà ­s legalmente con una visa temporal como, por ejemplo, de trabajo o de turista, deberà ¡n conservar el visado para no perder su estatus y salir dentro del plazo autorizado para permanecer en el paà ­s. Padres que regresan a su paà ­s de origen con hijo nacido en EE.UU. El padre o la madre no tienen derecho a conseguir ningà ºn tipo de visado o de tarjeta de residencia por razà ³n del nià ±o. Pueden solicitarla, pero sà ³lo le serà ¡ concedida si reà ºnen por ellos mismos los requisitos para su obtencià ³n. En otras palabras, si por ejemplo, solicita un visado de turista, deberà ¡ ser considerado elegible y admisible. En caso contrario la peticià ³n serà ¡ rechazada. Y asà ­ sucede con todas las visas. Por otro lado, el nià ±o que nacià ³ en Estados Unidos conserva su ciudadanà ­a aunque nunca regrese a vivir a su paà ­s de nacimiento, ya que esa no es causa para perder la nacionalidad americana. Si se desea solicitar un pasaporte para el menor o algà ºn tipo de documentacià ³n pueden pedirle un acta o certificado de nacimiento, que puede conseguirse desde el extranjero. Lo que sà ­ sucederà ¡ es que de acuerdo a las leyes actuales, si el nià ±o nacido en Estados Unidos vive toda su vida en el extranjero entonces con el paso del tiempo no podrà ¡ transmitirle su nacionalidad americana a sus propios hijos nacidos tambià ©n fuera de USA. Y es que para que pueda funcionar ese tipo de transmisià ³n derivada de la nacionalidad se requieren ciertos aà ±os de residencia en EE.UU., que varà ­an segà ºn se trate del padre o la madre y de si està ¡n solteros o està ¡n casados. Quà © pasa si el hijo es estadounidense aunque ha  nacido en el extranjero Hay casos en los que un nià ±o/a nacidos en el extranjero son estadounidenses y asà ­ consta en el Reporte Consular de Nacimientos en el Exterior. Si la ciudadanà ­a se da porque sà ³lo uno de los padres es estadounidense, el otro no puede reclamar ni una tarjeta de residencia ni una visa para los Estados Unidos argumentando que tiene un hijo americano. Sà ³lo puede obtener documentacià ³n para viajar de dos formas. En primer lugar, para emigrar definitivamente por medio de una green card, sà ³lo puede hacerlo si reà ºne por sà ­ mismo los requisitos para sacarla o si està ¡ casado con un estadounidense que le pide.   En segundo lugar, si es para viajar temporalmente a Estados Unidos, sà ³lo podrà ¡ sacar una visa  no inmigrante tipo turista, estudiante, intercambio, trabajo, etc. si califica por sà ­ mismo y cumple con todos los requisitos. Quà © pasa cuando el hijo estadounidense cumple los 21 aà ±os de edad El ciudadano americano que es mayor de 21 aà ±os puede solicitar la tarjeta de residencia para sus padres. Si bien deben darse los siguientes requisitos: Vivir en Estados Unidos, ya que se trata de una visa para reunificacià ³n familiar.Tener ingresos para patrocinar suficientes.Firmar un affidavit of support o juramento de apoyo econà ³mico de sus padres.Ademà ¡s, es necesario que el padre o la madre que quieren gozar de este beneficio no incurran en ninguna de las circunstancias por las que se puede rechazar una peticià ³n de tarjeta de residencia permanente. ​ Si el padre o la madre se encuentran ya en EE.UU e ingresaron ilegalmente al paà ­s entonces hay un problema grande ya que no puede ajustar el estatus.  En estos casos, antes de presentar los papeles es recomendable consultar con un abogado ya que en la mayorà ­a de los casos, en la prà ¡ctica, no va a ser posible arreglar los papeles.   Pero como cada caso es à ºnico, tener en consideracià ³n que en ocasiones es posible pedir un perdà ³n provisional  por dureza extrema,  tambià ©n conocido como waiver y asà ­ sacar la green card, aunque seguirà ­a  siendo necesario viajar fuera de EE.UU. para una entrevista en el consulado. Caso de hijos abandonados o abusados por sus padres Si el hijo o la hija obtienen los papeles por medio del programa de Estatus Especial de Inmigrantes Juveniles (SIJ), los padres nunca jamà ¡s podrà ¡n obtener beneficios migratorios por peticià ³n del ese hijo. Caso de hijo nacido en EE.UU y padres estaban en el paà ­s con visa temporal No es infrecuente que una mujer embarazada ingrese a Estados Unidos y dà © a luz a un bebà © que, por derecho de suelo, adquiere la ciudadanà ­a estadounidense. En estos casos es importante pagar los gastos del parto porque si no se hace, lo harà ¡ Medicare, un programa del gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos. Hacer esto es considerado como carga  pà ºblica y, por lo tanto, causa para negar una visa o su renovacià ³n. A veces pasan aà ±os antes de que el problema se detecta, pero si el consulado o los agentes en el paso migratorio determinan que se tiene un hijo estadounidense y se sospecha que no se ha pagado por el gasto hospitalario entonces se puede negar la visa, cancelarla y, en el caso de estar en la frontera, prohibir el ingreso a Estados Unidos. Curiosidad sobre los apellidos hispanos en USA   Aunque en las à ºltimas dos dà ©cadas la migracià ³n ha llegado a niveles histà ³ricos realmente altos lo cierto es que a dà ­a de hoy la mayorà ­a de los hispanos son estadounidenses ya nacidos en el paà ­s.   Debido a los altos nà ºmeros de los flujos migratorios y de nacimientos, los latinos somos en la actualidad la mayor minorà ­a, habiendo pasado en nà ºmero a los afroamericanos. Una prueba de esta importancia demogrà ¡fica se encuentra en el censo, donde casi una veintena de apellidos latinos se encuentran entre los 100 primeros e incluso 2 està ¡n en el top 10. Este es un artà ­culo meramente informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal para ningà ºn caso concreto.

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Diversity, Gender, And Sexual Orientation - 1584 Words

The United States is known for its diversity. As a nurse working in such a culturally dynamic country, it is extremely important to be culturally competent in order to provide optimal care. Culturally competent care is defined as â€Å"nursing that is sensitive to issues related to culture: religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation.† (Euro med.) In order to deliver such care a nurse must have the knowledge of, be aware of and understand the importance of a patient’s cultural background and how this cultural background affects the care the nurse may give. It is an ongoing process and must be studied continuously. According to the research, about 78.4 percent of the U.S population is Christian. In that category, there are many sub categories such as Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Orthodox etc. About 4.7 percent believe in other religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism etc. (Religion) In order to become a culturally competent nurse, one must fully acknowledge the difference between these religions as well as special considerations of said religions that affect the patient’s health care. For example, Jehovah’s Witness do not allow blood transfusions due to their belief that the Bible states that Christian’s should not consume blood while Jewish and Muslim patients adhere to a Kosher diet and Halal diet respectively. Catholic patients also typically consult with a Catholic priest if a patient is near death which is similar to patients whoShow MoreRelatedGender And Sexual Orientation Of Diversity1582 Words   |  7 Pagestourism and h ospitality industry. At present the gender and sexual orientation not only are held hostage-cutting in various parts of the world changes in the process, but also by the transformation of society throughout the thousand-state changes. They put gender as a key variable, focusing inspected it with other social differences cross interaction. In their view, all grades are interrelated, gender, race, ethnicity, national, class, sexual orientation, age, geographical, and many of the differencesRead MoreNon Discrimination Policies Of The Home Depot Company Essay782 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscriminate on basis of a host of job-irrelevant issues, comprising race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age and ethnicity put themselves at a competitive disadvantage as opposed to companies that appraise employees solely on their credentials and qualifications to work well. Given the high rates of discrimination encountering the workforce today, discrimination based on racial discrimination and sexual orientation represents an actual hazard to the profitability of companies (Oeo.tufts.eduRead MoreWhat Makes A Successful Business?1136 Words   |  5 Pagesof bringing diversity into the workforce. To be able to obtain knowledge and strength from others individual traits shows deep facets in character. These traits show when working with individuals of many cultures and backgrounds in the workplace. A leader who has this ability can handle everyone uniquely and ethically and is in tune with what differentiates one associate from the next. Once one has a grasp on who they are then can one expect to lead a diverse team. Many diversities include differentRead MoreUsing Diversity and Inclusion to Provide Better Service1344 Words   |  6 PagesBUSI 3312: Organizational Behavior Case Study (10%): Using Diversity and Inclusion to Provide Better Service Name: Mona Al Hilal Instructor: Dr. Beverley McNally Submission Date: April 7, 2013 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Question 1: Describe what is meant by diversity and equality. 3 Question 2: Explain which groups are particularly covered by equality laws. 4 Question 3: Analyze Tesco’s diversity strategy, explaining why it is important to the workforce, the customersRead MoreBenefits Of Organizational Diversity And Diversity Essay1402 Words   |  6 PagesOrganizational diversity is defined as the variety of differences amongst the people in a workplace with regard to background, education, organizational function, cognitive style, personality, age, tenure, ethnic group, gender, and race. It involves the perception people hold upon themselves and their work colleagues. Therefore, the most successful organizations tend to spend their resources on diversity management. Benefits of Organizational Diversity. The benefits of organizational diversity include aRead MoreTypes Of Diversity Protected Under Federal Laws886 Words   |  4 Pagesof Diversity There are six main categories of diversity protected under federal laws. They are gender, age, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities. Each diversity brings something new and different to an organization s culture. Gender Gender diversity is the proportion of women to men in any particular workplace or team (gender diversity). It can range from a department to the board of directors. Women bring trustworthiness and legitimacy to work teams (gender diversity)Read MoreSexual Orientation Diversity Management At Small And Large Organizations1235 Words   |  5 PagesShawna Silva and Jason Streger Liberty University â€Æ' A Case for Sexual Orientation Diversity Management in Small and Large Organizations I. Introduction A. â€Å"Approximately 9 million Americans identify themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). With alternate sexual orientation. Managers and employees are becoming more tolerant and there is a growing respect for individuals with non-traditional sexual orientation† (Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, 2014, p. 3-4d). B. OrganizationsRead MoreDimensions of Diversity1127 Words   |  4 Pagescharacteristics that set him or her apart from other people. In that case, diversity as a term is used to denote any dimension utilized to bring out or identify the various differences between people and groups. It is important to note that today, with the world increasingly becoming a truly global village, it has become necessary for individuals to appreciate and embrace differences in others. In this text, I define diversity and highlight its dimensions (both hidden and visible). Further, I come upRead MoreTrans And Transgender : An Umbrella Term931 Words   |  4 Pageswith the gender that they were born. It encompasses all people who do not fit into a binary conception of gender identity or expression. It is a group with diverse identities and expressions, and that differ from stereotypical gender norms. Some transgender choose to modify their bodies to varying degrees, whether through surgeries, or hormo ne therapies, while others choose to live without surgical intervention, and change their body and behavior in other ways, and live as their chosen gender (HoughtalingRead MoreMulticultural Education : Integrated Diverse Learners955 Words   |  4 Pagesnation is integrated of diverse learners. Diversity in the United States includes race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, cultural heritage, ability, and disability. As teachers, we have to help meet all of the student’s needs, so they can reach their full potential. Offering programs to help diverse student will help them succeed in school and life. Teachers can respond to diversity by practicing multicultural education, gender equality, considering students for programs

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Thomas Paine A Very Curious Individual - 1664 Words

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) was a very curious individual. An Englishman who became a champion of the rights of man and free humanity around the globe, he is generally regarded as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, irrespective of the fact that he held no political office and seems to have been somewhat glossed over (if not altogether ignored) by many of the ‘confirmed’ Founders. John Adams, for instance, is said to have pooh-poohed the writings of the troublesome Paine, even growing to hate him in his old age. Said Adams of Paine: â€Å"He is a keen writer [but his most incendiary work, Common Sense (1776), was no more than] a tolerable Summary of the Arguments which I had been repeating again and again in Congress for nine months.† Towards the end of his life, Adams grew harsher in his opinion of Paine, calling Common Sense â€Å"a poor, ignorant, Malicious, short-sighted, Crapulous Mass.† Partly owing to statements like this, Paine is regar ded by many, especially in academia and politics, as a â€Å"lesser founder.† Despite this, his contributions to the Revolutionary cause cannot be overstated. Even Adams had to admit: â€Å"Without the pen of the author of ‘Common Sense,’ the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.† Washington himself is said to have ordered the following passage from Paine’s essay, â€Å"The Crisis†, to be read by his troops on the eve of their crossing the Delaware to launch a surprise attack on Trenton in December, 1776: â€Å"These are the times thatShow MoreRelatedTriple Bottom Line10664 Words   |  43 PagesAccountAbility coined and began using the term in its work.* The term found public currency with the 1997 publication of the British edition of John Elkington s Cannibals With Forks: The Triple Bottom Line ofUst Century Business. ^ There are in fact very few references to the term before this date, and many (including the man himsel f) claim that Elkington coined it. In the last three or four years the term has spread like wildfire. The Internet search engine, Google, returns roughly 52,400 web pagesRead MoreJudith Butlers Perception of the Female in the Modern Era: Gender Identity and the Act of Becoming in Cindy Shermans History Portraits6698 Words   |  27 Pagesheld sway over European thought for centuries, modern woman began to follow suit. Thus, the proto-type feminist of the late 18th century, Mary Wollstonecraft, could write with utter conviction A Vindication of the Rights of Woman a year after Thomas Paine published the Rights of Man (1791) and in response to the same. Yet, one generation later, her own child, Mary Shelley, wife of the famous poet Percy Bysshe, would create one of the most haunting visions of alienated identity ever created in theRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pagesand Barbara B. Moran United States Government Information: Policies and Sources Peter Hernon, Harold C. Relyea, Robert E. Dugan, and Joan F. Cheverie Library Information Systems: From Library Automation to Distributed Information Access Solutions Thomas R. Kochtanek and Joseph R. Matthews The Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management Frances C. Wilkinson and Linda K. Lewis Organization of Information, Second Edition Arlene G. Taylor The School Library Media Manager, Third Edition Blanche Woolls BasicRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ISBN 10: 0-13-283487-1 ISBN 13: 978-0-13-283487-2 Brief Contents Preface xxii 1 2 Introduction 1 What Is Organizational Behavior? 3 The Individual 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Diversity in Organizations 39 Attitudes and Job Satisfaction 69 Emotions and Moods 97 Personality and Values 131 Perception and Individual Decision Making 165 Motivation Concepts 201 Motivation: From Concepts to Applications 239 3 The Group 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Foundations of Group Behavior 271 UnderstandingRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesgetting a disease from Giardia would be terrible), and 8 (4) considering the probabilities that those various consequences will actually occur (It is 100 percent probable that you wont be thirsty after you drink from the stream. It is only very slightly probable that youll catch a disease if you drink boiled water.) It can be helpful to delay making important decisions when that is practical. During the extra time, you will have an opportunity to think through the problem more carefully

Details Free Essays

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Overcoming Communication Barriers free essay sample

Unmet language needs or preferences Unmet language needs or preferences is a communication barrier because if you don’t speak the same language as the service user you won’t be able to understand what the other person is saying and the other person won’t be able to understand you, so there isn’t any communication being made. Linking this to the case study , where the care worker ‘‘Joanne’ asked ‘Mrs Garcia’ if she would like to get washed loudly managing to gain eye contact with her service user, ‘Mrs Garcia’ looks tearfully and says ‘’I sorry , I no understand’’. This is an example of where communication is not being made. Most people will have a preferred first language, so did ‘Mrs Garcia’ who’s preferred language was Spanish. Also the care worker ‘Joanne’ used slang where she said ‘phat’ meaning good the care worker didn’t understand and misunderstood and thought she was calling her fat. To overcome this barrier the care worker may bring in an interpreter or an advocate to communicate or they can ask the service user which language they feel best to communicate or learn the language they speak. The strengths of this strategy would be that the care worker and the service user will be able to communicate effectively, understand each other also the care worker will be able to understand and meet the service users’ needs more better. Sensory impairment and disabilities Sensory impairment such as hearing impairment and visual impairment Is a barrier because if a care taker talks to a person that has a hearing impairment they would need to maybe speak a bit louder in order for them to hear and in order for them to hear they will need to wear a hearing aid. For example a deaf person whose preferred language is British sign language experiences no problems communicating with another person who is good at signing with British sign language. This person may not be able to communicate with people who use spoken English without the aid of an interpreter. An example of this is in the case study the service user Mrs Garcia has a hearing impairment so Joanne needs to talk louder so that Mrs Garcia is able to hear her but the barriers that are stopping communication from being effective is the background noise which in this case is the loud radio and the window that is open which is letting in the noise of the rush hour traffic outside these are all barriers which are making the communication between Joanne and Mrs Garcia ineffective. ‘ Hello Mrs Garcia , how are you today, Mrs Garcia continued to look out the window that is next to her bed , the service user next to Mrs Garcia’s bed has their radio on loudly and the window is open letting noise of traffic inside’. To overcome this barrier you would again have to compensate by putting more focus into non-verbal communication methods such as hand gestures, facial expressions and touch. Also the care worker ‘Joanne’ may make sure that there is no background noise or communicate and talk to Mrs Garcia in a quite area, the strength of this strategy would be effective communication will be made and the service user will able to receive information of the care worker. Another way to overcome this barrier is by making sure that the service user has their hearing aid with them and making sure that it works properly so that it helps the service user to hear better. The strength of this strategy would be that the service user will be able to hear when they are being talked to and will be able to listen and receive information effectively. Communication involving personality or self-esteem needs, or anxiety or depression Communication involving personality, self-esteem, anxiety or depression is a barrier because if you have your own problems then you may find it hard to concentrate and therefore this could cause barriers in communication. For example if you are stressed or upset about something this can lead them to not being able to concentrate on work and the surrounding environment. So care workers sometimes stop listening or try to avoid conversations to hide or ignore their own personal emotions. Linking this to the case study , where Joanne ‘came in the morning and was finding it hard to concentrate this morning as she did not sleep well last night as a family member is very ill and she is therefore feeling tired and worried’. To overcome this barrier the care worker can ask another member of staff to deal with the situation, if they can’t this is better than the care worker going over there who is upset and worried about a situation themselves, as the care worker will find it difficult to send and receive messages, the care worker will also find it hard to communicate and the service user who it is being said to may misunderstand it. The strength of this strategy would be that the other member of staff will be able to communicate with the service user effectively rather than Joanne as she is worried and upset herself, also the care worker is going to be dealing and handling the situation much better than Joanne. Assumptions This is where you judge or say something without giving it any thought and you just assume of what is being said. Assumptions can be a barrier in communication because if you assume of what is being said it could hurt the service user’s feelings as it could come out wrong, and it would lead to misunderstanding the message. An example of this was from the case study ‘Mrs Garcia was very upset or feeling very ill and the care worker ‘Joanne’ assumed that it was the tablets, and said (TDS). This is a barrier as the care worker only assumed she didn’t ask the service user what actually was the matter. To overcome this barrier the care worker should have listened very carefully to the service user and then ask the service user what was wrong. The strength would be that the care worker wouldn’t have misunderstood and knew what the matter was, effective communication would be made, and the service user would have felt a trustworthy relationship with the care worker.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Economics, supply and demand Essay Example For Students

Economics, supply and demand Essay In the article we find that teenagers have the oppertunity to be demanding about their salary in the baby sitting field, because the amount of babysitters today are scarce. The babysitting population, teenagers, find themselves busy with school, part time jobs, and extracirricular activity. Teenagers with drivers licenses are even more scarce than those with out, all in all, Its hard to find a babysitter. Times have changed, just twenty years ago there were 33 million children who needed to be watched, and 39 million babysitters(age 10 19), recent polls suggest that children that need to be watched raised 18 percent to 39 million while baby sitters dropped 5 percent to 37 million. The rise in children coupled with American families spending more time out then years ago, has allowed the babysitters to set their price with out haggeling. Baby sitters are making well over the federal minimum wage of $5.15 an hour because they are in demand, and scarce; the babysitters who train in CPR, serve dinner, and drive are the hardest to come by and can demand the highest wages. In this article we see many examples of supply and damand and the powers of supply and demand. Babysitters are in demand, there is an increase in the amount of children who need to be watched yet there are relativly few who choose to babysit from the allready decreased amount of the babysitter work force. This gives the babysitter the advantage of a noncompetitive work force, allowing the baby sitter to set the price with out bargaining. If we were to compare two different production possibility frontiers, we would see a left shift of the curve while demand for baby sitters rises, from 1980 to 1996. In economics we concider this an inflation, the amount of resources(babysitters) decreased while the demand for them rose. This is what we would concider the begining of an econic problem because the resources are scarce. This resulted in an increase of price for that service. We also see that the most experienced, oldest, responcible, and best trained babysitters set the highest prices by up to 60% from a novice sallery of $4 to a expert sallery of $10 and consumers are willing to pay. A consumer is willing to pay that extra $6 an hour for the piece of mind they get when they go out and know that their children are being attending to in the best possible way, much like a consumer is willing to by name brand products for a higher price because they just feel like its better. In the next two or three years the work force of the babysitters will grow, and so will the number of people under the age of 10, this will show a steady PPC with no signs of relief for the consumer. This article shows the power of supply and demand. 20 years ago when children under the age of 10 and baby sitters age 10-19 were both fewer, we saw more competition between the baby sitters resulting in price decreases. Today with fewer baby sitters, all with busy scheduals, and more young children we see the damand increase resulting in an increase of price. .